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Enhance Your Appearance with Permanent Makeup in Woodbridge

While it is fun and even therapeutic to do our makeup, there are days when we wish we had a more long-lasting alternative that did not involve applying products on our faces regularly. That’s where permanent makeup comes to the rescue. Our cosmetic tattoo artist at Base To Face can provide you with permanently fuller lips, darker brows, and thicker lashes in just a few hours. Not just that, we also offer fine line tattoos, saline tattoo removal, spray tanning, and teeth whitening solutions in Woodbridge and across the GTA to meet your overall needs. Simply schedule an appointment, and see the difference yourself.


What We Offer

You can explore the comprehensive services offered by Base To Face below:







Makeup That Stays for Years

Permanent makeup refers to the use of cosmetic tattoos to enhance your facial appearance. From lip blushing and brow lamination to lash lift and tint and lash extensions, there are several ways in which we can accentuate your beauty. While the longevity of permanent makeup differs from person to person, it can easily last up to 3 years. And if you ever want to go all-natural again, come to us for our saline tattoo removal service. We’ve got you covered in all situations!

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Get Inked by a Professional

Base To Face is known for its fine line tattoos. Unlike other tattoos emphasizing texture, colour, and shading, fine line tattoos are simple and elegant designs created with thin straight or curved lines. They are often small and monochrome and give a delicate and simplistic look. If you have a tattoo idea and want to get it done by a trusted artist in Woodbridge, reach out to us today.

Teeth Whitening Services Available

We don’t just offer cosmetic tattoos and fine line tattoos. At Base To Face, we strive to meet all your health and beauty requirements. That’s why you can also contact us for teeth whitening solutions. Dentist grade and approved products by Meticulous Smile.

Have Questions?

We’re always happy to help!

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